Brave Browser 1.16.6

September, 10th 2020
Supported OS:
/ Windows 7 Windows 8/8.1 / Windows 10

If you are one of those who care about privacy and speed, then you must try Brave browser. Brave is a new player in the browsers field and a new rival for browsers like Google Chrome and Safari. Just like Chrome, Brave is also based on Chromium, but there are some advantages. There are two key features that separate Brave browser from the rest:

1- Security and privacy

2- Speed and fast browsing

Brave cares about your privacy. Unlike some of the other browsers on the market that track your activities on the Internet to gather more and more information about you and suddenly show a bunch of advertisements related to your recent shop, Brave blocks unwanted access to your browsing history and online activities. Furthermore, it acts like a firewall, restricting malvertisements and ransomwares from infecting your system.

As a result of ADS blocking feature, now Brave is incredibly faster comparing to the traditional browsers. It might be surprising to hear that now you can browser three times (up to six times) faster than before!

So if you’ve not tried Brave yet you really need to try it at least once. 

Other features of Brave Browser you might be interested in:


The source codes of this browser is available for all developers around the world who are interested in participating in providing new features and making Brave a better browser.

Brave rewards

This feature makes it easier to donate to your beloved websites in a matter of seconds. BAT is a cryptocurrency developed and maintained by the Brave team.

Easy to switch

If you decided to switch to Brave it would be easy to migrate your profile from the old browser. After installation or later via the “Import Bookmarks and Settings” menu you could transfer all your old settings.


Alternatives to Brave Browser


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