Opera 70.0

September, 10th 2020
Supported OS:
/ Windows 7 Windows 8/8.1 / Windows 10

Opera web browser with almost 25 years of experience behind it, should be considered one of the oldest and survivals of the browsers war since 1994. It was based on the Presto engine until 2013, after then they switched to Chromium, a browser engine that is designed and used by Google. 

If I could name only one feature about the Opera browser for PC, it would be “customizability”. It should be your first choice if you are after a browser with many themes and extensions. This browser is considered to be a fast browser although it takes up a little more RAM than it should. It comes with a free built-in VPN, so don’t worry about your privacy and security anymore. Most developers need to be in touch with their clients while working on a PC. Opera has Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram built-into it’s the interface so you don’t have to keep switching between your browser and messengers anymore.

With the Discover feature, you can get your favorite news and articles in different categories and languages. Using Turbo mode, browsing remains fast when using poor internet connections. the data sync feature makes your browsing history and personal data in sync between your PC and mobile phone. My Flow feature allows you to sync encrypted URLs and media using the button next to the search bar, or text content using right-click and clicking on “send to my flow”. Your browsing history, searching and navigating can be done using a single text field which is a common functionality among browsers these days.


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